About us

This is Greenstorm

A chance to make the world greener

Greenstorm's mission can be easily summed up in one sentence: we contribute to making the world a little greener with your help. This is because we offer you second-hand e-bikes - at the best prices!

Buy an e-bike on special terms

With our refurbished high-quality second-hand e-bikes, you can purchase a state-of-the-art e-bike, as good as new, from a top manufacturer on terms you will only find at Greenstorm. Our little-used e-bikes have been serviced by trained technicians and brought up to top condition before they can be bought at a preferential price. Not only will you be green and sustainable on the road, you will also save money.

Where do our used bikes come from?

We provide local hotels with e-bikes in exchange for empty room contingents. After a cycling season, we take back the top e-bikes, service them, and offer them for sale. This is a win-win for everyone concerned: you are happy about getting an as-new e-bike at a discount price, and our hotel partners can offer their guests the latest e-bike models.

Discover our wide range of top second-hand e-bikes here and find your favourite model!