Guarantee and Warranty

Our warranty services for your new e-bike

All our e-bikes come with the full legal warranty of 2 years on the battery and the motor.

We provide two years warranty on the battery and the motor.

  • For the battery & the motor: 24 months warranty from the date of invoice

You will find more detailed information and details about our warranty services in the General Terms and Conditions.

Action to take in the event of a warranty claim

Should an emergency occur and you wish to make use of our warranty services, please contact us:

Send us an email to and provide us with the following information:

  • Order number:
  • Order date:
  • Exact description of the damage:
  • Article (e-bike / battery / motor) and model description for that which you want to claim the warranty on:

Then please include a meaningful photo as an attachment to your email and send the request.

One of our service employees will then contact you soon afterwards.