Winora e-bikes feel at home on tarmac. The manufacturer tends to specialise in road bicycles and has been well established in this field for many years- and now also with e-bikes. Getting through the city traffic safely, elegantly and relaxed is something that cars have been more likely to accomplish up to now but with the e-bike you can pass through traffic jams with more confidence. Winora has been a benchmark in the cycling landscape for many decades and will remain as such even longer.



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The company with a long tradition among bicycle manufacturers has of course not closed its doors to current developments in the bicycle sector and equips its bicycles with electric motors. Winora e-bikes are used both as commuter bikes and as sporty trekking bikes. Winora not only focuses on performance, but also on enjoyment. Shifting down a gear from time to time can do no harm. With Winora e-bikes you are one step closer.