There is now a new definition for the cityliner, namely the electronic bicycle from Sinus, because with these e-bikes you ride elegantly, almost glamorously, through the city without looking the least bit old-fashioned. And should you be tempted to go much faster, Sinus won't let you down with its trekking bikes. So the leisurely Sunday bike ride will bring just as much pleasure as a bike trip over several days.



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As an indispensable part of the Winora range, the Sinus brand specialises in city bikes - electromotorised city bikes, mind you. This means that (too) long distances through the city suddenly become much shorter and can be covered by bike. Sinusoidal bicycles comfortably drive you along the facades of houses thanks to pedal support. But they can also be used as motorised sports equipment in leisure time and you can escape the urban jungle on long bike tours.