Sinus: Lets find the best bike for you

There is now a new definition for the cityliner, namely the electronic bicycle from Sinus, because with these e-bikes you ride elegantly, almost glamorously, through the city without looking the least bit old-fashioned. And should you be tempted to go much faster, Sinus won't let you down with its trekking bikes. So the leisurely Sunday bike ride will bring just as much pleasure as a bike trip over several days.





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Winora: the leading e-citybike manufacturer

The Sinus brand is at the forefront of the electric bicycle market and of further development - especially in the field of e-citybikes. Since no less than 100 years (i.e. since the company was founded in 1914 by the successful racing cyclist Engelbert Wiener) the company Winora has been located and working in Schweinfurt. It is, so to speak, the umbrella company behind Sinus. Since 1918 there has been a bicycle wholesale business there, which has grown steadily over time. In 1956, when the grandson of the founder, Bernd Seuffert, took over, the company was selling around 6000 bicycles a year. Of course, this was not the end of the story, because in the 1980s so much was changed in the bicycle market that the business could only flourish. First the oil crisis, which caused more and more people to switch to bicycles, followed by the rise of mountain bikes. Winora was able to stay confidently ahead of all the developments on the market and is now one of the most important companies in the field. This is not least because they know how to cover all sectors. The Haibike subsidiary looks after the two-wheeled mountaineers - motorized and not motorized - and Sinus serves mainly the e-citybike sector but also has something for trekking lovers. The result is a harmonious picture. The division of development energy into the sub-brands Haibike for mountain biking and Sinus for demanding urban bikes seems to work.

Sinus pedelec by Staiger

As an absolute specialist brand among electric bicycles for everyday use in the city, Sinus is unbeatable. Marketed by Winora's Staiger division, Sinus sits firmly in the saddle of the city bike market. Even in the logo, the elegant, dynamic character of the models is evident. And even for sporty long distances and trekking, many of the Sinus e-bikes can easily hold their own.

Electric bike for short city trips and long-distance stretches

Whether cross-country or through the urban jungle of more or less orderly cycle paths - if they are not exactly overly-comfortable monotube bikes, the Sinus bikes stand out on various different terrains. They bring stability and endurance to long-distance cycling holidays and speed, ergonomics and practical benefits in everyday use for work, shopping and leisure.

Features: batteries and mid-mounted motors from Bosch and much more

The decision about which components are installed on their e-bikes seems to be a sacred thing at Winora, because they don’t skimp and save and always use market-leading technology. In fact, all Sinus models are exclusively equipped with brakes and gears from Shimano and drive, battery and display from Bosch. The various different versions ensure the diversity of the models and that the right one can be found for every need and every requirement. You can choose between 7, 8, 9, 10 or 11 gears. Furthermore, the brake system on some models is activated by a hydraulic rim brake with back-pedalling function, while on others there is already a hydraulic disc brake. Winora thus keeps its finger on the pulse. The battery, motor and display are supplied by Bosch. The various motors differ primarily in torque, which varies from model to model from 40Nm (Bosch Active) to 75Nm (Bosch Performance CX). Most batteries have an output of 500Wh - such as the Bosch PowerTube or the PowerPack, which is also available with 400Wh of power. The frames are made exclusively of aluminium, which means that the bicycles retain an acceptable weight despite their electronic equipment. In terms of shape, there are three types to choose from: the monotube bike with a particularly deep entry and maximum comfort and the diamond-shaped frame, which in turn is available in two versions, depending on the depth of the connection of the top tube to the seat tube. All in all, the battery always provides enough power for acceleration, the luggage carrier does what it is made for and a soft saddle as well as ergonomically shaped and wide handlebars ensure riding comfort. With these bikes, there's nothing to stop you having a leisurely and lively tour.

City and trekking e-bikes from the current 2018 season

2018 was another good year for Sinus. All Sinus pedelec lines were consistently further developed as usual. At this point, we want to pick out the ones that you can use for your next holiday trip. The trekking e-bikes from Sinus of the current season have it all: high-quality geometry, optimal running smoothness and better suspension, so that you don't have to miss out on the more impassable routes.

E-bike Sinus Tria N8

A professional classic: this is how you could describe the Sinus Tria N8. With the thinnest possible aluminium frame in a discreet, elegant dark grey and filigree decor, the first impression promises a lot. A deep, easy-to-use entrance rounds off this impression. And when all is said and done, the pedelec also lives up to its visual promise. Thanks to the reinforced frame with a centred centre of gravity, it is stable on the pathways. The 50mm spring travel of the fork maintains this stability even when driving over large bumps in the ground. For optimum power distribution, the Tria N8 has a Shimano Nexus 8-speed gear-shift and a high-performance drive. This consists of the Bosch Active Plus engine with 50Nm and the PowerPack with 500Wh. The whole is also controlled by Bosch, namely with the Intuvia control unit.

Sinus Dyo 9 – last year’s test winner

More comfort is not possible. The magazine Elektrobike was also sure of this and voted this model test winner as early as 2017. Due to the full suspension with 65mm travel front and rear, not even the smallest unevenness is transmitted to the saddle and handlebars - and the big bumps certainly not. That’s how joints are protected instead of stressed. In addition, the technology includes a Bosch Performance Cruise with 60Nm and the PowerPack with a full 500Wh for even more range and drive even on long, exhausting routes. Everything else - Shimano 9-speed gear-shift and hydraulic disc brake - is of course top-quality and the best available. Only very few changes to the components would still be possible in order to make an improvement.

Sinus Tria 9 – best technology, stylish design

We were also impressed by the Sinus Tria 9, which comes from the Tria series (Tria 7 Eco, 8, 9 and 10) where the digits always stand for the number of gears. This model therefore has a 9-speed gear-shift and a hydraulic Tektro T285 disc brake, both from bicycle component partner Shimano. This fine example is definitely not lacking in power - motor with 60Nm torque and battery with 500Wh. That and the frame geometry, which is quite sporty and dynamic, make the Sinus Tria 9 the ideal piece of sports equipment for trekking tours. The design has by no means been neglected. The model is available in elegant, rich dark red or anthracite and in addition the luggage rack, saddle, fork, etc. are not only static and practical, but also optically optimally presented. Alongside, there is the Tria 7 Eco model, which, with a slightly lower battery power output and a lower motor torque, does not have quite so much power but also consumes less accordingly. In addition, the weight is over 2 kg lower, which makes a difference when the total is roughly 20 kg. It's therefore a more economical alternative bike, so to speak.