Raleigh: Lets find the best bike for you

If there is one bicycle manufacturer who can state since when it has existed and produced, then it is Raleigh. In 2017 they celebrated their 130th birthday, believe it or not. Since 1887, Raleigh has been producing machines that at the time was still called a safety bicycle. Since then a lot of time has passed and work been accomplished and meanwhile the company is now also established in the very centre of the e-bike jungle. We have taken a closer look at what their electric bikes have to offer.





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Bosch Active Line Plus 50Nm – Drive Unit 36V


Raleigh stands for comfort and design

When electronics are combined with the sophisticated style of Raleigh, a unique synergy is created. Old meets new, bourgeois meets technical, tasteful meets intelligent. While others may look sportier and more functional, Raleigh does not neglect design. Here you find chic understatement instead of flashy colours or neon-coloured logos and lettering.

Alongside the elegant presentation, however, technology is very present. With a proud 500 Wh you cover more kilometres in range than the company itself has been in the saddle. One kilometre per year, so to speak, and so the drive of the bikes helps you pedal up to 150 kilometres.

Product range from Raleigh

The Raleigh e-bike product range is divided into three categories: trekking, comfort and urban. While you might not want to throw yourself down some steep mountain trail with these bikes, transport routes and sporty round trips are most definitely part of the repertoire. Not only, but also suitable for relaxed Sunday bikers.

Instead of using a taxi, going by public transport or driving your own car, in the 21st century you change to an e-bike. The bikes are not any less comfortable and you do a bit of exercise at the same time and over-exertion is taken care of by the motor. This is a fast and relaxed way to reach your destination.

Kingston 2018

In the 'comfort' range - usable both in city traffic and for commuting as well as for trips - the Kingston model caught our eye. It underlines comfort due to its deep entrance and special saddle. It has a wider shape than other saddles, so that you can sit comfortably on it and is also spring-loaded. Potholes or the like that you come across on your way through the city cannot transmit shocks to your spine.

The Active Plus motor with 36V and 250W provides constant, smooth thrust and is powered by a 500Wh battery. Long distances and small climbs present no problems. A Shimano Nexus with 8 gears was installed for gear selection. It is synchronised to the engine, making for a smooth and effortless gear-change.

The fork, including the suspension, is adjustable to fit any body shape and size. This has the effect that an ergonomic sitting position can be achieved that covers all eventualities. This prevents cramped neck and back problems or at least does not contribute to their becoming more pronounced.

The Stoker B9: an attractive trekking bike

In terms of drive technology, the Stoker hardly differs from the Kingston. The motor is a Bosch Performance Line, also with 36V and 250W and the power supply is also provided by a PowerPack from Bosch. The main difference is the frame geometry. No deep entrance any more, but a sporty, classic and above all very stable diamond frame.

The saddle is also sportier and there is an extra gear on the gear-shift. If you occasionally also ride in steeper areas, this is in any case well worth it. The fork suspension is also lockable so that you have more stability when climbing and less energy is lost in the suspension.

Motors from Bosch and Impulse

For the drives, Raleigh relies on Bosch, Shimano, and Impulse. All motor systems have the same power output, namely 36V and 250W, which also corresponds to the legal limit for pedelecs. All three types are of impeccable quality, so you can concentrate on other components of the bike when making your choice.

Small, compact, practical: Leeds Compact

One of the Raleigh bikes that has a built-in Impulse drive is the Leeds Compact. Named after the English metropolis in which almost half a million people live, the bike has been explicitly designed to get you from A to B in urban areas. With the small tyres, the retractable seat post and the collapsible handlebars, you can reduce the size of the bike so that it fits into spaces where there is not so much room available.

If the weather is not conducive for cycling, you can take the bike with you on public transport on the spur of the moment without taking up half the compartment. The sturdy aluminium luggage carrier carries all your shopping or whatever you want or need to transport home for you.

Costs and prices for Raleigh e-bikes

Price-wise, Raleigh’s models lie in the lower mid-range. So you don't have to dig too deep into your pocket to buy one. Moreover, you can also buy your Raleigh e-bike in our shop. You will probably find the cheapest price in our shop because we do indeed sell the bikes as second-hand, but they are practically like new. You will rarely find a better price-performance ratio.

The Raleigh company

The bicycle, as we know it today, was still called a safety bicycle during its development at the end of the 19th century, as it replaced the unstable penny-farthing. Around the same time, i.e. in 1887, the Raleigh company was founded in Nottingham, England. The company was therefore one of the pioneers and was indeed the first to mass-produce bicycles. By the 1920s, Raleigh was already able to produce and distribute over 100,000 bicycles per year, although the car was becoming increasingly popular.

Since then, everything has been going extremely well. Nostalgics remembered the iconic Raleigh Chopper so well that it was produced again in 2004 and it immediately re-conquered the streets. Since then, a lot has happened. The most interesting thing for us, of course, is their entry into the e-bike business. In this respect, Raleigh has filled the gap that existed in elegant all-round bikes.

Today Raleigh is known for its elegance and comfort. Their city bikes and electric trekking bikes are mostly in unobtrusive black and provide not only flawless function but also have lovely designs.