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If there is one bicycle manufacturer who can state since when it has existed and produced, then it is Raleigh. In 2017 they celebrated their 130th birthday, believe it or not. Since 1887, Raleigh has been producing machines that at the time was still called a safety bicycle. Since then a lot of time has passed and work been accomplished and meanwhile the company is now also established in the very centre of the e-bike jungle. We have taken a closer look at what their electric bikes have to offer.



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By far the oldest company among our suppliers is Raleigh. They were the first to mass-produce bicycles and have been conquering the market for well over 100 years. With the tradition of course the innovation does not come too short and so Raleigh manages to mix the times together. Raleigh's e-bikes symbiotically combine the old and the new to create a very special mixture.