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KTM Bike Industries has been producing bicycles since 1964. The headquarters and (one of) the production facilities are located in Mattighofen in Upper Austria. There, even back in the 90s, they experimented with drives for bicycles, which is not surprising due to their thematic affinity to motor vehicles. Now the time has come for motorised bicycles and KTM is fully engaged in the sector. The bicycle manufacturers from the Mattig valley are especially interested in the sports sector: mountain bikes as fullys as well as hardtails, as well as fatbikes and all other e-variants form part of the product range.





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Macina: the popular electric bicycle line

Almost all KTM e-bikes are known by the fine-sounding name Macina. The name probably derives from the Italian word for 'mill' and now adorns the product descriptions of some of the best electric bikes on the market. Particularly in the sports sector, no self-respecting bicycle dealer will do without the bikes of the Upper Austrian manufacturer. Neither do we.

KTM product range and models

We were especially impressed by the e-mountain bikes as well as the on-road sport model called Macina Sport 9. It is true that KTM places a strong emphasis on sleek sports bikes, but they also cover other categories. In the following, we would like to take a closer look at the models that have impressed us and try to share our enthusiasm with you.

E-bike MTB fully: Macina Kapoho

The Macina Kapoho is a fantastic, shining example, at least as far as technique and execution are concerned, because once you have ridden this excellent bike through the mountains and over sticks and stones, it probably won't shine very much anymore. But the rest of the bike shines: the drive can hardly be seen due to the ingenious frame geometry. Only a second look reveals that it is an e-bike.

The strikingly distinctive spring system both front and rear makes the fully an agile trail mountain bike. The fact that the suspension can also be set in a rigid position at both the fork and the damper means that longer climbs can be mastered without loss of energy. The battery from Bosch boasts a remarkable 500 Wh and the motor is equipped with the Performance Line CX from the same manufacturer.

E-Bike MTB hardtail: Macina Race

KTM is also present in the hardtail sector. A lot of expectation surrounds the Macina Race simply because of its name but it easily fulfils it. The same drive as with its full-suspension counterpart drives a wheel without dampers in this instance, but with 100 mm suspension travel at the fork. Hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano ensure that the mountain slopes don’t become too steep to tackle.

In terms of weight, e-bikes usually look a bit heavy. Since the electric drive brings a little extra weight, the 22 or so kg that the Macina Race weighs is however set in the lower middle range; a lightweight amongst the electric bikes, so to speak.

Perfect trekking e-bike: Macina Sport

If you want to cover longer distances and in a more comfortable way, the Macina Sport is the e-bike of choice. Comfortable deep entry and luggage rack so as to have everything with you that you might possibly need on a tour. The electric drive, a whole 500 Wh combined with a Bosch Drive Unit with 250 W, will in any case help you to reach your goal.

If you haven't planned a sporting weekend trip, you can also use the Macina Sport to get to work, go shopping, go to an evening event or meet up with friends. A true all-rounder that never stays for very long in the garage.

New features and highlights 2019 from KTM

Development does not mark time at KTM - rather it materialises there. The product development team is constantly deliberating on how to optimize the KTM e-bikes right down to the last spoke. Among other things, they will achieve this in 2019 by using drive belts instead of chains. They are more weather-resistant, rustproof, smooth running, resilient and require less maintenance.

Gravity casting, as it is called, makes it possible to make a frame even more complex and therefore more functional while still maintaining stability. The drive system can thus be precisely integrated. This can be seen immediately in the appearance of many models: hardly any e-bike is slimmer and more discreet than those from KTM.

27.5' or 29': why not both?

Wheel sizes have always been a topic of discussion. Which size brings smoother operation? Which one is more stable? Which wheel is more manoeuvrable in fast curves? The development of the 'golden average' among the diameters, the 27.5' variant, has re-ignited the topic once again and KTM now seems to have found a solution that sounds strange at first but still has the potential to set a precedent.

The so-called DiMMiX geometry makes it possible to install a 29' wheel at the front and a 27.5' wheel at the rear. The name is an abbreviation and stands for the self-explanatory full-length form Dimensions Mix. Stability is taken care of at the front, so you can steer quickly without being thrown off course. At the back, the smaller diameter ensures that you don't leave the ground.

Since 1964: the creative journey of KTM

Everything at KTM started with motor vehicles. Some years later, a fascination for non-motorized bicycles was awakened and soon the idea to motorize bicycles again was born. In fact, the successful bicycle developers were already thinking about how to build a motor into the bicycles in the 90s. Back then, there was simply not enough time. But the time has now come. The electric bicycle market is booming and the bikes are more in demand than ever despite their (still) elevated price.


Pedelecs from Austria

Today, KTM employs over 300 people at its headquarters in Mattighofen in Upper Austria alone and is active worldwide. At the headquarters, research and development is carried out, parts are painted and labelled, individual parts are assembled and, of course, everything is checked once again. In 2007 the site was extended and modernised and in 2010 the subsidiary KTM Bikes Asia was founded in Asia.

Buy second-hand KTM bikes

We can count ourselves among the proud distributors of KTM e-bikes. Extensively and thoroughly tested, they come to us and are put up for sale, where we can offer them at an unbeatable price-performance ratio. You won't get your KTM bike so cheaply anywhere else and nobody else gives you a 3-year guarantee on the electronics as promptly. But with us, customer service is highly valued and we conduct ourselves accordingly.