Husqvarna: Lets find the best bike for you

One for all and as progressive and of as high a quality as possible. If you think you can only make it to the top by specialising, Husqvarna proves the opposite. As the patron of the new e-bike line of the equally new company Pexco, the Swedish company is now also making roads and paths safe with its bicycles.





E-Bikes Fully

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Hydraulische Felgenbremse
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Shimano Steps E6000 50Nm – 36V – 250Wh
Shimano Steps E7000 60Nm – 36V – 250Wh
Shimano Steps E8000 70Nm – 36V – 250Wh


The HUSQVARNA brand in the e-bike market

As pioneers (almost in the truest sense of the word) of motorized two-wheelers, the innovators of Husqvarna were already in the grip of motorbike fever in the early 20th century. The difference to today lies in the fact that they quickly took the path to really fast machines and are now, so to speak, taking a step back; namely to electric motorized bicycles. It all began, astonishingly, in the 17th century when people were much more aggressive. At that time, weapons were still being manufactured from quickly converted everyday objects, such as sewing machines, etc. The first bicycle equipped with a motor finally unleased the wave of the motorized two-wheeler, which the company has remained loyal to ever since and which now seems to be on an upward curve again.

big in business since 2017: Pexco GmbH

The e-bike market is gaining in importance every year. The business community has recognized this and a handful of them have even founded a completely new company. PEXCO is the name of the offspring of the Puello family (already known from the Haibike brand and KTM) and was only founded in 2017. PEXCO stands for Puello eMobility Crossover Company. Pretty significant it is too, when you consider the brains behind it and what the outcome is. The new corporate umbrella unites a total of 3 brands: Husqvarna, Raymon and R2R (= ready to race). We are certainly very curious to see what fruit the new cooperation will bear.

Test reviews 2018: the pedelecs on the test bench

Of course, we have grabbed the first models of the season and done some research. What do the new e-bikes promise? To what extent do they fulfil those promises? How do they feel when you are riding them and how do the handlebars feel in your hands?

The e-fully range Mountain Cross

First and foremost, one expects the e-fully to be an agile, manoeuvrable and of course full-suspension mountain bike, which keeps you safely on the trail and firmly on the ground. The suspension fork (with 140 mm travel) and MC7 shock absorbers, both from RockShox, should provide just that. However, first testers report that it can get bumpy at higher speeds. So if the MC7 is perhaps not so ideal for fast descents, then maybe it is more suitable for long distances. The Husqvarna e-bike scores particularly well on tricky, technically demanding tracks that are not designed for speed. You should also make sure that the frame is as suitable as possible, because the seat post travel is by no means the longest. Borrowing or lending the bike might be problematic.

Light Cross – hardtail

The equally brand-new Light Cross series forms the manufacturer's hardtail section. 100 mm suspension travel at the fork (which may appear too little) and rigid frame at the rear provide enough damping for easy off-road and touring tracks. Overall, the frame generally enables an upright but not too stretched seating position, so that long touring distances can also be ridden in comfort. Agile, simple handling will convince hardtail fans with every e-bike trip. Those who have kept track of e-fullys from the outset will be a little disappointed - the LC5 is definitely not a fully replacement. But it doesn't have to be.

The touring bikes: Cross, Gran and Light Tourer

Husqvarna 2018 offers 3 separate ranges of touring bikes, each of which has different details from model to model thus bringing unique variations. The Cross Tourer, for example, differs in that it is a bit lighter, reducing its weight (21.4 kg) by over 1.5 kg compared to the others. The less massive construction makes it more graceful over the ground and yet stable on long, straight stretches. The Gran Tourer stands out due to its massive tyres. The wheel size of 27.5' has 62-584 Schwalbe tyres, in contrast to the Light Tourer's 40-622 tyres. In terms of drive, all 3 rely on similar Shimano motors and 504 Wh batteries, also from Shimano.

Husqvarna city bikes

Even in the comparatively leisurely city bike segment, the makers of Husqvarna are actively engaged as are all cycling enthusiasts. Anyone who wants to move around the city more flexibly and spontaneously is well served by a comfortable e-citybike. It should perhaps be stated that one has the choice between 2 frame sizes only. But since the saddle can be adjusted relatively flexibly and the exact fit of the frame is less important for city bikes than for mountain bikes, you can easily disregard this.

Husqvarna relies on the best technology

A company with so much experience knows exactly how important quality suppliers are. Even the best qualities can be mis-managed - that's always possible. But you can never make anything wonderful out of mis-managed, individual parts. In order to prevent this from happening with e-bikes, you have to team up with the best of the best.

Drive, gear-shift and brakes from Shimano

The Shimano company seems to be able to do just about anything, or maybe it just seems that way because it has become involved into pretty interesting niches with pretty different themes. In addition to fishing and rowing equipment, the Japanese company is also responsible for all kinds of bicycle components. From the cranks, to the individual parts for brakes and gears, to hubs, pedals and wheels, the company has now also become involved in electric drives. Some Husqvarna models have opted for the all-rounder for both the battery and the motor.

RockShox prevent stone chippings of a different kind

Where there's no windshield, there's no stone chippings as we know them. That's not really what e-bikes are about. What we're talking about here is impassable terrain, tracks that have lots of sticks and stones to cope with and where you need powerful suspension if you want to ride over them. RockShox provides this suspension. They are already used in Haibike bikes (for which the Puello family also claims responsibility) and have obviously proven themselves. Again and again you come across fullys which rely on these suspensions, which by the way come from the US-American company SRAM.

Special feature: Motor and battery placement

Husqvarna has nothing to hide. This is especially evident in the way in which the decision was made to install the drive unit. The motor is very visible, the chain can also be seen running on the outside. This also has the effect that the motor does not hang like a block in the lower middle of the bike but is harmoniously integrated into the overall picture and at the same time shows the strength of the electronics. The battery, on the other hand, really is hidden. The bicycle manufacturer decided to install it in the lower tube of the Mountain Cross models. It consists of 6 sealed battery blocks, which can be folded in a semicircle and thus lifted out of the tube. An extremely elegant solution, we think. On the other models, the battery is on the outside as usual.

Buying Husqvarna e-bikes and price proficiency

The e-bikes from Husqvarna start at around €2300 according to the manufacturer's price - for example for the Cross Tourer CT1. In the Mountain Cross range, the prices rise to EUR €5000. Whether the price is worth it or not is dependent on how you want to use the pedelec. As an occasional rider, you won't want to pay as much for an e-fully with the best equipment as someone who ventures out onto the trails every weekend. What is certain, however, is that each individual part is worth the money.

Greenstorm is proud to be a Husqvarna dealer

As a dealer of used e-bikes you have to consider how to get your hands on the newest models of the season, because new is by definition not used. Our Rental-Repair-Sales-Concept is the perfect solution. We lend the latest pedelecs of the season to hotel guests in our region and refurbish them from handlebars to tread pattern when they come back to us. In this way we manage to obtain the brand-new Husqvarna e-bikes for our purposes and offer them to our customers in the shop at affordable prices. In addition, the uncertainty that usually comes with buying anything second-hand disappears as we offer a full 2-year warranty on your (almost) new Greenstorm e-bike.