Haibike: Lets find the best bike for you

E-Bikes from Haibike are among our favourites. It all started in the mid-1990s in Germany. Susanne Puello, former managing director of Winora Fahrradschmiede, founded Haibike - a sub-label under the umbrella of WINORA - together with her husband Felix Puello in 1995. Success came faster than Susanne and Felix had thought, and Haibike became an independent big brand, which slowly but surely grew out of the Winora mother concern.

WE ARE PERFORMANCE - that's Haibike's motto. The Haibike e-bike models embody this performance. In our eyes this is exactly what the essence of this manufacturer is. Here you can find engines, as well as battery systems from Bosch or Yamaha, Shimano gear-shifts and bicycle frames, which are exclusively of the highest quality. These attributes make Haibike the absolute high flyer of the market. Lovingly and passionately designed and developed in Germany, every single one of their electric bikes stands for healthy and sustainable mobility.

Male and female, young and old, even children and bikers of all kinds - Haibike has something for everybody! The manufacturer has a bike for every route, because thanks to the electric drive, the whole family can get up the mountain, on to the next stage, then on to the destination and even further, without getting exhausted.



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At Haibike, some of our favorites are among the e-Mountainbikes. Especially with the Fullys Haibike is almost unbeatable and these are also their flagship models. The XDURO series takes you downhill as well as uphill. But: with the electric drive the ascent is not so difficult anymore and you have more power left for the trail. But watch out: Haibike is fun to ride.