Haibike: Lets find the best bike for you

E-bikes from Haibike are among our favourites. It all started in the mid-1990s in Germany. Susanne Puello, former managing director of Winora Fahrradschmiede, founded Haibike - a sub-label under the umbrella of WINORA - together with her husband Felix Puello in 1995. Success came faster than Susanne and Felix had thought, and Haibike became an independent big brand, which slowly but surely grew out of the Winora mother concern.

WE ARE PERFORMANCE - that's Haibike's motto. The Haibike e-bike models embody this performance. In our eyes this is exactly what the essence of this manufacturer is. Here you can find engines, as well as battery systems from Bosch or Yamaha, Shimano gear-shifts and bicycle frames, which are exclusively of the highest quality. These attributes make Haibike the absolute high flyer of the market. Lovingly and passionately designed and developed in Germany, every single one of their electric bikes stands for healthy and sustainable mobility.

Male and female, young and old, even children and bikers of all kinds - Haibike has something for everybody! The manufacturer has a bike for every route, because thanks to the electric drive, the whole family can get up the mountain, on to the next stage, then on to the destination and even further, without getting exhausted.





E-Bikes für Kinder
E-Bikes Fully

frame height

wheel diameter

brake type
Hydraulische Felgenbremse
Hydraulische Scheibenbremse

frame material

Bosch Performance Line CX 75Nm - Drive Unit 3
Yamaha PW-X 80Nm – 36V – 250W
Yamaha PW-SE 70Nm – 36V – 250W


The most up-to-date Haibike bikes stemming out of long-standing tradition

Racing cyclist Engelbert Wiener founded the parent company of Haibike, WINORA, in Schweinfurt, Franconia, as early as 1914 and Haibike was born in 1994 as an independent brand. Winora has always endeavoured to manufacture state-of-the-art products, making the brand a reliable partner for the specialist trade. A further factor in Winora's success was the oil crisis of the 1960s, when the bicycle was more in demand than ever due to the sharp rise in fuel prices.

In the 1980s, the mountain bike trend came along, turning the bicycle from a means of transport into a leisure and lifestyle product. This could only be topped by the triumph of the electric bike. Haibike recognized the opportunity and within a short time became one of the leading e-bike manufacturers, especially in the sector of sports and leisure models.

The e-bike product range from Haibike

Haibike is considered to be the first manufacturer to produce powerful e-bikes in the popular categories. The company has nevertheless specialised in the 'Advanced Offroad' series in the mountain bike and off-road sector, with models such as the 'Dwnhll' e-fully and the 'Nduro' with very large suspension travel, up to the 'AllMtn' and 'FatSix'. Every off-road cyclist’s desires can be satisfied and Haibike does not omit any details relevant to tough conditions.

The frame concept, the colours of the frame and the components as well as the integration of battery and motor into the overall design will certainly win one or two design awards for Haibike. The electronic bikes from the former Winora subsidiary have an outstanding reputation for the quality of all their components. The Haibike bike design is also unique and very popular with many e-bike fans.

The XDURO range and new features in 2018

The XDURO series does credit to the 'X' in the name. It stands for 'Extreme' and the bikes are just that, or rather the routes that can be mastered with it are extreme. Breakneck downhill and single trails, steep climbs - no problem for an advanced off-road bike or one of the fat e-bikes. So that there is something for all terrains, there's also an on-road bike for everyday asphalt tracks. The XDURO series is thus comprised of the following subcategories:

  • Advanced off-road
  • Fat e-bikes
  • S-pedelecs
  • On-road

The ultimate all-rounders are to be found everywhere when it comes down to performance on extended mountain and bike tours. The finely-balanced seating position and the well-balanced chassis provide a harmonious interplay of traction and control at all times.

And that's exactly the recipe for pure riding pleasure!

Introducing the Haibike AllMtn 6.0

Enthusiastic and proficient mountain bikers as well as downhill fanatics become really passionate when they talk about a 150 mm travel at the fork. This is topped off by the additional damping at the rear and it thus becomes an e-fully. The wider Plus tyres and aggressive geometry complement this, so that every slope can be tackled with 100% riding pleasure.

The skid plate protects the battery when riding over hard stone and the option of a double chain ring protects the gears from jumping out. This enables successful transmission even in extreme conditions, such as at high-speed or on steep climbs. The high gear range due to the double chain ring makes this possible.

Haibike already came across the GravitCasting Interface in 2010 and since then has been relying on the innovative casting process, which provides a whole new level of stability with nevertheless low weights. The frame holds the Yamaha PW-X drive, which offers a smooth and stable ride with 80Nm torque and 120 revolutions per minute.

The tyres have a diameter of 27.5 inches and a width of 2.8 inches - hence the 'plus'. If that's still not enough, then the FatSix will win over your heart. With a whole 4 inches, the fat bike tyres are more than a third wider than the Plus tyres and thus slide easily over even the most awkwardly-shaped sticks and stones.

The SDURO range – sporty Haibike e-bikes

For the less extreme hardliners and more for the endurance sportsman, the Haibike assortment is complemented by the SDURO class. Equipped for challenging climbs as well as the rapid descents afterwards, the smart all-rounders are divided into the following subcategories:

  • Sport full suspension
  • Sport hardtail
  • Adventure
  • S-pedelecs

From trekking, to cross-country, to typical mountain bike routes, there is certainly a model in this series that makes any and every route easily manageable. But it remains in the sports sector. Everyday bikes for short asphalt paths are not to be found. The SDURO class thus actually manages to be an all-rounder and a specialist at the same time. Somebody has to imitate that.

The HardSeven range – going everywhere on 27.5 inches

The most recent releases introduced the Haibike SDURO HardSeven 10.0, launched in 2018. Already the 10th generation and by no means old-fashioned - on the contrary. Here only the newest technologies are used and the manufacturers are constantly striving to make the next step forward. The features that are now a matter of course for Haibike, such as the Skid Plate, the double chain ring, the Gravity Casting, the drive and display unit from Yamaha, are now further enhanced by the eConnect system.

This turns the e-bike into a ‘smart’ e-bike. It is in fact a compact transmitter unit with GPS, which can send an automatic SOS call in an emergency along with a record of the route. The safety aspect is thus taken care of as well as the documentation of the fitness and training programme.

The difference to the other sport hardtail ranges is the tyre size. While the HardFour - the children's and youth edition - has only 24-inch tyres and the HardNine has 29-inch tyres, the popular 27.5-inch version is used here.

What all these models have in common is that they have no rear suspension. As the name suggests, these are so-called hardtail mountain bikes. They are therefore less suitable for riding down narrow downhill slopes with no trails because there is no optimal suspension at the point of connection to the tyres. On normal mountain bike routes, however, the cycling pleasure is guaranteed and the uphill ride is also stable and efficient.

The S-pedelecs 'Xtreme' and 'Sport 45 km/h'

You can achieve even faster speeds with the S-pedelecs from Haibike. Instead of the conventional 25 km/h, the engine support only cuts out at 45 km/h. This alone puts the bike into a completely different category from a legal point of view. At such high speeds, the S-pedelec must in fact be specially registered and insured. However, this should not stop you, because the additional power is always well worth it.

Haibike offers 4 'Xtreme 45 km/h' bikes and a sports model - the SDURO Trekking S 8.0. Among the 4 'extreme' variants are a racing bike, a trekking bike, an urban bike and the 'X' version of the SDURO trekking bike. Perfectly adapted to their surroundings and extra fast, you can make rapid progress with these bikes, whether on the cycle path or the mountainous gravel roads. Especially recommendable if the saying ‘the journey is the goal’ is to be ignored.

What sets Haibike apart from other bike manufacturers

We wouldn't be at Greenstorm.eu or at Haibike if we weren't picking the crème de la crème of e-bike technology. In our search for manufacturers who can meet our high demands, Haibike has excelled especially due to the following features.

Gravity Casting

This is a high-tech metal casting process from the motorcycle industry. In the case of Haibike, it is used especially in frame construction as well as for other smaller parts such as the engine suspension system. With welded frame constructions, the weld seams are usually the static weak point. This modern casting process makes sophisticated frame shapes possible, as well as providing greater overall stability of the entire frame construction.

Skid Plate

Haibike installs a carbon protection plate, which protects the engine housing from shock damage or during classic off-road riding. In the hard enduro motorcycle sector, this is a well-established and already widespread approach to engine protection.

Motor concept

Due to the Gravity Casting design concept mentioned above, the motor and battery can be installed in a much better fashion and also deeper in the frame of the bike. The centre of gravity and the riding experience on a Haibike are therefore usually superior to the competition. We should also underline the Bosch Performance motor concept, which is popularly used at Haibike and is designed for very sporty riding along with powerful performance development. At the moment, there is probably no more powerful way to ride an e-bike than with this equipment.

Battery-frame integration

The Gravity Casting also allows for the inclusion of the battery into the frame. Other manufacturers install the battery as well as the motor on an ordinary MTB frame, which results in the fact that the whole construction looks rather clumsy and not very sporty. Not so with Haibike - there the frame is designed with the central drive unit in mind, which improves riding characteristics and the centre of gravity and ultimately results in a sleek integration of the 'e' of 'e-bike' into the frame concept.


Why purchase a used Haibike?

The answer to this question is very simple: You buy an electronic bicycle second-hand because a brand new one is too expensive. It’s true that it is pointless to start looking for an e-bike of acceptable quality and in new condition for less than €3000. And as is the case with cars, the price suddenly tumbles into a more reasonable area as soon as the bike has been previously bought.

We at Greenstorm.eu see ourselves as second-hand bike dealers and thus as distributors of e-mobility on two wheels.

We make electric bicycles affordable and present them to the general public, so that more and more people can benefit from them, because through our rental and re-sale system we can also sell some of our bikes for less than €2000 without having to sacrifice quality.