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The bike brand-name Ghost was founded in 1993 by Uwe Kalliwoda and Klaus Möhwald in Waldsassen, Northern Bavaria, where it still has its headquarters today, although the company now operates all over the world. Ghost develops and produces high-quality bicycles and e-bikes for professional cyclists as well as for ambitious and highly motivated recreational athletes.

The range includes mountain bikes, racing bikes, trekking and e-bikes as well as urban models. Ghost is also well-known as a dedicated sponsor of some of the world's best MTB teams and athletes. The fast-growing company has 335 employees internationally, 135 of whom are currently employed at its home base in Waldsassen.

In addition to company locations in the Netherlands, Spain, Korea, South China and Taiwan, Ghost is to a large extent now focussing once again on future-oriented, local production in Germany. Around 70% of all products are now (once again) manufactured in Walssassen, which ensures short transport distances and thus assists in the fight for sustainability.



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As an all-rounder among the e-bike manufacturers, Ghost has something of everything: E-MTB, E-City, E-Trekking. The focus, however, is clearly on the sports segment, where Ghost is also a committed sponsor of several MTB teams and athletes. Those who like to drive in the fast lane and want to push the limits of their range, but not their physical condition, have reached their goal with Ghost. They supply perfect sports bikes, most of which are manufactured in Germany.

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