Fantic: Lets find the best bike for you

E-fatbikes from Fantic are becoming more and more popular. Amongst e-bikes, the balloon tyre from Exoten clearly stand out and at first glance they may seem strange until you have experienced the advantages they provide. The Fantic company from Italy proves that the e-fatbike provides real fun and enjoyment.

Why is that? Because the somewhat higher weight of a fatbike is easily compensated for by the powerful drive (consisting of battery and motor) and that pure riding pleasure is the result. Where does the name 'fatbike' come from? Obviously because of the oversized tyres. They absorb unevenness and provide a very smooth, flexible and unique riding sensation.





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Fantic – the Italian cycle manufacturer

The Italian company is indeed one of the only companies in the electric bicycle business that does not produce non-motorized bicycles. But they come from a completely different sector: motorcycles. Anyone who has ever had a look at one of their racers will understand the concept of Fantic bikes a little better. Extreme has a new superlative meaning.

In fact, Fantic bikes are the ultimate, dedicated off-road machines. Hardly any model of this brand has tyres of conventional width, none a luggage carrier. The exception is the Urban series. Here you can find powerful city-liners in retro style and fast racing bikes with FSA racing bike handlebars.

But since Fantic is one of the leading brands in electric bicycles with bombastic tyres, we have totally fallen for their fatbike line. Benchmark downhill riding pleasure combined with Italian design and temperament.

The Fantic 'Fat Sport' Line – leading e-fatbikes

The Fantic 'Fat Sport' helps you along on the most adventurous outdoor activities. You can reach places that not everyone can get to and adventure turns into pure emotion at the sight of all the untouched scenery. The model was developed by the same team of experts who have already won three world championship titles in motocross competitions. In addition, the latest Fantic bikes take their inspiration from the experience of legendary bike designer Stefano Scapin.

The unique technology behind the downhill giants

The Fantic 'Fat Sport' (also available with 24-inch tyres) is probably the sportiest version of the balloon-tyre bike. Combined with German technology and the best components from all over the world. The electric motor from BROSE, the motor specialist and outfitter of the best vehicle manufacturers in the world, the accumulators from the German market leader BMZ and the Rock Shox fork and GX gear-shift from Sram are a guarantee of maximum innovation, performance and quality.

Just as the GX 10-gear shift, the hydraulic brake system especially developed for mountain bikes comes from the US company Sram. The diameters of the disc brakes range from 200 mm at the front to 180 mm at the rear - the largest dimension in this category. Sram also supplies the Rock Shox Bluto suspension fork with 100 mm travel and OneLoc locking system directly on the handlebars to provide traction and control uphill.

The saddle is a masterpiece produced by the Italian manufacturer Selle Monte Grappa. The robust Progrip handles with red anodised aluminium parts lend the Fantic e-fatbike a particularly sporty touch. You can say what you want: the Fantic 'Fat Sport' is probably one of the most beautiful e-bikes of the current season.

With a fatbike and Enduro suspension over sticks, stones and steep slopes

How does the fatbike, and in particular Fantic's, stay so firmly on the track, not lose its grip on the ground and get the rider down the trails quickly but safely instead of throwing him off?

The first and most important criterion is of course the tyres, from which the bike gets its name. Fatbike tyres are up to 5 inches wide and twice as thick as conventional tyres. Also, they are not inflated as much. Some of them are only inflated up to 0.6 bar. This can go down to 0.2 bar. This means that the jacket of the tyre hugs the ground even better and the tyres really come into their own.

When the tyres already cushion to such an extent, what about the actual suspension? Any other bike that undertakes to provide so much downhill performance would in any case require full suspension (i.e. front and rear suspension). Not so with the fatbike. A fork suspension with only 100mm travel is enough, because the tyres alone can take care of the rest.

In order to get to the spot from where you can then frenetically plunge down the slope, the Fantic fatbike combines the usual specs with electrical engineering. With a lot of suspension, a considerable amount of muscle power is lost, which is not transferred to the wheels and thus to the motor. Now is the time for the battery and the motor to take over. The high-quality Brose drive, with a torque of 90Nm, works even at low basic speeds on steep slopes.

27.5-inch tyres seem to have had their day on fatbikes. With the extra inch due to the higher tyres, you can also obtain a good result with 26 or 24 inches. The bigger the wheels are, the more likely you are to lose the manoeuvrability you will need going downhill, but it runs more quietly and has more traction. Be that as it may. Because no matter how much you hype it up - the Fatbike always stays on the ground.

The ‘Seven Days’ series - elegant riding all week long

After so much pedal power in the mountains we still have to say a few words about the e-citybikes from Fantic. They are not from bad parents either. So much urban lifestyle and riding fun accompanied by superb design can only come from Italy. The e-fatbike 'Seven Days' combines nostalgia with ecological riding dynamics. Fantic not only knows how to build bicycles, but also how to give their bikes a touch of retro style.

Proud Fantic supplier

Every year we look forward to seeing the new Fantic models when we receive them and to lending them to our customers. Tried out by adrenaline junkies among the summer holidaymakers, they then come back to us and are offered for sale in completely refurbished condition. It may not sound so exciting at first - buying a used e-fatbike - but up to 50% savings and 2 years warranty are worth considering.