Fantic: Lets find the best bike for you

E-fatbikes from Fantic are becoming more and more popular. Amongst e-bikes, the balloon tyre from Exoten clearly stand out and at first glance they may seem strange until you have experienced the advantages they provide. The Fantic company from Italy proves that the e-fatbike provides real fun and enjoyment.

Why is that? Because the somewhat higher weight of a fatbike is easily compensated for by the powerful drive (consisting of battery and motor) and that pure riding pleasure is the result. Where does the name 'fatbike' come from? Obviously because of the oversized tyres. They absorb unevenness and provide a very smooth, flexible and unique riding sensation.



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Fantic is now used almost like a synonymous term for Fatbike. The Italian e-bike manufacturers know how to clamp giant balloon tyres in an e-bike. The tyres, the suspension and the shock absorber make it possible to conquer not only completely impassable terrain, but the large amount of air in the tyres even provides buoyancy on snow. The right word: the season for mountain biking is longer than ever.

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