Electra: Lets find the best bike for you

California – sunshine and style. We in Europe know this, at least through film and television. And it is also evident in Electra's unique e-bike models, which are also located there. Based on the typical US-American chopper motorcycles, the design of these so-called beach cruisers is pushed even further to its limits. No compromise in functionality, still looks good and is more comfortable than ever before.





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Bosch Active Line 40Nm – Drive Unit 36V – 250


An insight into the Electra company

At the beginning of the 1990s, Benno Baenziger and Jeanno Erforth emigrated from Berlin to San Diego in the USA and founded the bicycle company Electra. A few years and a change of ownership later, the brand has become the market leader in the USA and is now gradually returning to the continent of origin of the founders. With the ambitious goal of also making it to the top of the European market in 'lifestyle bikes', they also want to hit the ground running in the field of electric motorized bicycles.

And to be honest, it shouldn’t be that difficult. They have already made a name for themselves, not least through their innovative strength and uniqueness. Design as well as riding comfort are rarely found together to such an extent and the specially conceived Flat Foot Technology® gives Electra bikes more than just a personal touch. With so much feeling for comfort and future vision, it's not surprising that Electra doesn't neglect e-bikes either.

Electra e-bikes

The bicycle manufacturer from the USA offers a total of 4 ranges to choose from - each of them designed for different needs. With some you arrive faster, others with more luggage and still others transport you further and more comfortably around. In addition, they all look as if they could win a bicycle style competition when they pass by without even having entered for it.

Trend cruiser/chopper bike: the Electra Ace of Spades® Go!

Electra's Aces of Spades® Go! will never deal you a bad hand. In addition to all the advantages a bike can have and in combination with the in-house Flat Foot Technology®, the Electra e-bike is of course also equipped with an electric motor. That is a Full House, Rommé and Mau-Mau all at once.

The Bosch Performance with 250 watts is installed as a mid-mounted motor and adds additional stability to the bike. This makes the forward-offset bottom bracket even more stable, as a lower and safer centre of gravity is created. The whole works in combination with a Bosch PowerPack 400. Shimano provides further riding comfort and safety with an 8-speed hub gear and hydraulic Tektro disc brakes.

The Ace of Spades® Go! electric bicycle also stands out due to its characteristic frame, which is immediately recognisable from far off. You can see the love of detail in the design and the risky and exciting philosophy of the card game. The fact that this model is a win-win model is also proved by the massive 26' tyres, which bring the cyclists from A to Z using the suspension and shock absorption when and if necessary.

Electra E-Bikes: Townie® Go!

What this bike is made for is obvious and is also in the name: an e-bike for the inner city enabling you to get around easily and in comfort. Such elegance and aesthetics have seldom been seen on the cycle paths of this world. On your way to your objective you also add a little something to the cityscape.

Townie Commute® Go! For commuters

2' bigger tyres, handlebars with more curve and a luggage carrier - these are the things you need at first glance for long distances. That is just one of the differences between the Townie® Go! and its Commute® version, the special version for commuting. If you no longer want to rely on trains, cars and buses, you can now cover longer distances comfortably and electrically.

Virtue without necessity: the Loft® Go!

The Loft® Go! does not make a virtue out of necessity - it simply omits necessity. Heavy objects, shopping or child seats are just as welcome on the Loft® Go! as the people who pedal and carry everything. It's a bike for everyday use and weekend trips and whatever you need, you're sure to have enough space.

The Electra style and brand

At the beginning of its over 100-year history, the bicycle was first and foremost a transport device. One could hardly imagine doing sport with it. Sporting activity was not really needed by the masses. When this changed, the bicycle became a piece of sports equipment and functional, fast bikes were preferred to aesthetic ones.

Today, the bike is also moving in the direction of a means of transport and just as the appearance of other possessions and means of transport are so important to us - as with cars for example - so stylish bicycles are back in full swing. Stability, comfort and appearance, or even lifestyle, if you like, are in the foreground. The e-bike is becoming an expression of style and impeccable technology is a pre-condition.

The beach cruiser amongst the e-bikes

The so-called beach cruisers are bicycles that are easily recognized from a distance due to their frame geometry. The saddle is offset to the rear, the bottom bracket slightly forwards, the handlebars are curved and reach so far back that you can sit upright while riding. This gives you the feeling when riding as if you were sitting on the couch at home.

To achieve this, the frame is curved in a particular way, which can best be described by the word 'retro'. It is reminiscent of a chopper - the famous Californian motor bike. So what could be better for a Californian bicycle manufacturer than paying tribute to the time-honoured style with their models?

The technology behind the facade

As with the tried-and-tested but newly designed frame geometry, Electra relies on trustworthy and well-established companies such as Shimano and Bosch. Whether it's gear shifts, brakes, or the electric drive, these two companies know exactly what they're doing. As far as gear shifts are concerned, there is a choice between hub and derailleur gears. You also have a choice of Bosch engines but they are always combined with the 400 PowerPack.

The frame and the patented Flat Foot Technology®

If there is one thing Electra can be particularly proud of, it is its patented Flat Foot Technology®. Instead of being satisfied with the existing frames, they simply developed their own. This makes it possible to sit on the bike in such a way that you can still put your foot flat on the ground when not moving (e.g. at a traffic light, etc.), which is where the name comes from.

It also enables you to sit upright and thus have a better view of what's happening on the road without stretching your neck. The shoulders, arms and wrists are also more relaxed. Electric bicycles are pedalled slightly forwards instead of backwards, which makes it possible to pedal with the full length of the leg even with shorter seat posts.