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If you ask us at Greenstorm what the most exciting development in the bicycle business in recent years has been, you will get one and only answer: it is the e-bike. It sounds simple and yet it has revolutionized the bicycle world. The electric motor has won us over and therefore we are pleased to be able to present to you here our best e-bike models for ladies. Read More




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The e-bike for women and its advantages

Cycling has never been as exciting as since the invention and series production of electric bicycles. The fact that your pedaling is now supported has many advantages and these shouldn’t be kept secret from anyone. While the majority of e-bikes have been predominantly aimed at the average male anatomy, typical ladies' e-bikes are now also taking off in a big way.

The fun of cycling doesn’t stop

Effort was unavoidable when cycling for a long time (depending on the distance to be covered, of course). In a sporty context this is desired, but if you only want to get from A to B safely, quickly and simply and to still look good after getting off your bike, this can be a problem on some commuter routes. The electric motor ensures that you don't always have to sweat your way on two wheels.

In more athletic circumstances, it's all about pushing yourself to get exercise, but that doesn’t happen the way you want it to on every trail. Steep climbs usually promise more excitement and a more breathtaking view, but to enjoy them you don't really have to have your breath taken away. An e-bike in the mountain bike version will complete some sections of the otherwise laborious ascent for the cyclist.

If you haven't really enjoyed cycling for some time because will the best will in the world your own body simply doesn't allow it anymore, then you can also rely on the pedelec. Health issues fall away in the context of electromotive support and the fun of cycling can be enjoyed once again in the form of gentle exercise for the body.

Properties of a ladies’ pedelec

An e-bike can do different things depending on how it is set up. Each pedelec is designed according to the needs and wishes of the cyclist and fulfils certain requirements that make it suitable for the way it will be used. First and foremost, of course, this is about the electric motor. As with any other bike, the shape of the frame, the wheels or tyres and the brakes are also crucial to the quality of an e-bike for women on a particular terrain.

The motor

If you have enough muscle power to pedal on some tracks, the benefits of an e-bike will come into play on other tracks. This is where the ground-breaking feature of the pedelecs really pays off. Motor and battery are put into operation when pedaling (or on their own) and support the e-bike cyclist in coping with the distance. Depending on the model, this can work more or less efficiently.

Keen travellers who don't like to stay in one place but instead prefer to cycle across entire areas will find their powerful motor combined with high battery capacity to be ideal. When you don’t come across an e-bike charging station for a while, 500 Wh to 600 Wh would be enough for longer distances, if you cycle economically, and probably also for more than one day. In addition, you can also use the pedelec like a normal bicycle without electricity if you have your own power reserves.

It is possible that the e-bike will not be used primarily for sporting purposes, but to ease daily routines. The e-bike can be quickly converted into a fully-loaded pack-bike that moves as easily as a slim, light and, above all, unloaded bike. If the commuting distances are longer than 15-20 km, the electric motor suddenly makes these routes more attractive on two wheels as well. The polluting automobile can be safely left at home.

In terms of battery technology, usually ahigh battery capacity is not needed for these urban and commuting routes. Since the bike can be recharged in the evening or even in the city itself at an e-bike charging station, a battery with about400 Wh for the battery should be perfectly sufficient for an e-city bike. These kinds of batteries are often mounted under the luggage rack or between the seat post and the rear wheel. On some models the battery is hidden or inserted into the lower frame.

The frame: diamond vs. trapezoidal frame

Last but not least, the type of e-bike can depend on the shape of the frame. Depending on how you will use it, and on your own body shape and preferences, different models are available. While some are more agile, sporty and light, others are characterized by grip and stability. If you want to distinguish between typical ladies' and men's e-bikes, the former on average are usually shorter and equipped with a so-called trapezoidal frame (with a lower top frame at the rear), whereas the latter have a diamond frame. This distinction especially applies to trekking e-bikes.

It is not only the sports sector that has different frame shapes. Particularly when it comes to comfortable cycling, completely different geometric considerations lie behind the construction. Typical city bikes have either a diamond frame, or provide maximum comfort with a deep entry frame. The stable bottom frame, which slopes downwards, allows you to get onto the bike easily and to have an upright sitting position.

Speed, lightness and stability at the same time can be achieved with a racing bike frame. The thin frame guarantees that you can cycle faster due to the lower weight when you have a smooth ride. On rough terrain this is achieved for the cyclist by the suspension and the movable frame. Mountain bikes are designed with a frame that allows them to be easily manoeuvred on narrow trails.

Wheels and tyres

Rough, stony descents can be mastered with a different tyre profile than that for smooth asphalt roads. While a smooth, unspectacular tread works for the cycle path, it inevitably slips on hard gravel roads and unsealed forest terrain. Which tyre is the very best for which type of terrain is a small science in itself. Basically, however, one can differentiate between the following types of use and tyre designs for them.

Road tyres: fast ride, little grip

Tarmac is not a very demanding terrain. It offers no resistance, makes no great demands on the tyre and can be cycled at high speeds. This is exploited by the racing bike tyre, which is minimalist, thin and fragile, and can race over the roads. Due to its smooth and slim design, it is quickly over-challenged by inconsistencies on the road, but it certainly masters typical sealed roads like no other.

City tyres - tread for commuters

Trekking and city bikes are equipped with somewhat thicker tyres. These keep the driver in the right lane, even if it is not so easy to manage. Snowy roads or sometimes less well-sealed paths are no problem for the more pronounced profile and width. In the rain or even on black ice you skid a little less easily than with the even smoother racing tyres. But please note: caution is still required, of course.

Mountain bike tyres stay on the ground

Even less slipping and skidding is achieved with mountain bike tyres. After all, mountain tracks are not sealed, at most with some switch-back roads on them, but the ultimate cycling pleasure is still provided by unsealed tracks. Narrow trails over roots and stones, gravel and scree require tyres with deep tread and high width. The most extreme version is found in the extra-wide fatbike tyres, which can mould themselves to the ground in such a way that they never lose their grip.

The brakes

Things happen fast with e-bikes, that much is clear. Due to the additional power, you can accelerate quickly, which of course also means that a little more caution is required. Therefore, there is only one option for the brakes on an e-bike: disc brakes. The rim brakes that are still used from time to time are less powerful in comparison and less suitable for pedelecs.

If these rim brakes are also fitted with a cable pull, they should be kept well away from the e-bike. However, it is questionable whether any such models are still being offered. The ultimate solution is hydraulic disc brakes (as opposed to mechanical ones), which can stop the wheel quickly and without much effort at the brake lever, if this is necessary.

The best known types of electric bikes and their use

Coping with daily routes requires different equipment to when doing a sporty tour at the weekend or when you are on holiday. Over the decades that the bicycle has existed for, ambitious bicycle manufacturers have tried to adapt the characteristics of a particular type of bicycle to specific kinds of use. The models have become more and more specialized and so have moved away from each other. Today, racing bikes have little in common with a fully mountain bike.

Trekking electric bicycle for women

Cycling was originally seen mainly as a sport and leisure activity. Although everyday journeys can be completed with it, the cycling is still one of the most popular leisure pursuits, thank goodness. The trekking bike isespeciallypopular because it can be used for both purposes, although it is often better suited for leisure cycling.

Whether used in the city or in the countryside, the e-trekking bike is characterized above all by its diamond or trapezoidal frame. The trapezoidal frame shape, where the wheelbase and the distance from saddle to handlebar are somewhat shorter, is mainly sold to ladies. The tyres are located in the golden middle and feel comfortable on a harder surface. If the terrain is not too bumpy, you can cycle with a trekking bike without any problems.

With city e-bikes from A to B quickly

Pick up parcels, go shopping, commute to work, visit friends or spend the evening cycling: even if the bike is ‘only’ a means to an end, comfort does not have to be sacrificed. Especially in the city, an upright sitting position and getting on the bike easily are still valuable. An e-citybike is designed for just that, thanks to both its deep entry frame and its electric motor.

Obstacles such as the usual rush-hour traffic can be navigated faster with a bicycle than with a car. However, pedaling is more exhausting than letting the car drive you. At least that’s what you'd expect, but the electric motor actually ensures that you don't just look good when you're cycling, but also when you arrive and afterwards. As fresh as when you left home, as if you hadn’t just travelled several kilometres of cycle path.

From the perspective of energy consumption, you have a clear advantage if you replace the fuel-guzzling car with the electrically charged bicycle. The smog-polluted inner city will thank you for it. The new e-mobility limousine can also be easily upgraded to carry a load, providing storage space which can otherwise be missing (often a point of criticism of normal bicycles).

E-MTB: mountain tours made easy

It was not very long ago that mountains were first conquered by two wheels. This was one of the pioneering innovations in the bicycle business in the 1980s. Electric motorization followed as a further innovation and the two achievements were quickly combined. The typical E-MTB for ladies is agile, has suspension, and ideally suits the moods of the mountain.

For a successful mountain tour on a bike, you ideally need a motor so that even people with different fitness and training levels can cycle along and keep up. Have a frame shape that can keeps you stable on a track doesn’t help much if the track doesn't exist at all. The partly narrow and winding trails demand a small, flexible frame geometry that has been perfected for mountain biking over the years.

Ground and track trerrain are more diverse in the mountains than almost everywhere else. If the road is partially sealed, a front-forksuspension may be sufficient (for example, an e-hardtail, which can also be set rigidly if necessary). The bumpier the track, the more suspension is needed to keep the wheels on the ground. The e-fully is just the thing for that.

A wide handlebar also makes manoeuvring easier and brings stability to the upper body itself. The tyres in these versions are particularly wide so that they have a firm grip on the ground and do not slip immediately. The fatbike tyres, which are much wider and have a more pronounced tread pattern, do this best. In addition, they have lower tyre pressures so that they seem to float along the track (even on snow).

Cross e-bikes for every terrain

In addition to the mountain bike, there is also the road bike. Some time ago it was considered a shame that you could only ride a racing bike on sealed tarmac roads. So along came the cross bike - a hybrid of mountain bike and racing bike - which of course can also be fitted with an electric motor.

Frame shapes: ladies’ bike in different shapes

Different frames are required for different uses. In this chapter we would like to explain this in more detail. Last but not least, it is the special frame shape that makes a ladies' e-bike just that. In general, there are 4 types of frames.

Diamond frames

Trekking bikes and racing bikes usually have a diamond frame. These are characterised by the top frame extending to top end of the seat tube and connecting to it there. The advantages are its high stability with low weight, and the leg must be lifted over the frame when getting on, or (more often) being swung over the saddle and the rear wheel.

The lower frame is attached to the bottom end of the seat tube. The lower frame and top frame meet at the front by head tube, which carries the handlebar. Together with the triangle that forms the seat and chain stay and on which the rear wheel is mounted, this structure forms a rectangular shape that gives it its name.

Trapezoidal frames

Originally, it was rather difficult for ladies (due to the clothing considered appropriate for them) to ride a conventional bicycle with a diamond frame. Therefore, a model was developed that made it easier to get on. The modern form of this construction is the trapezoidal frame, where the top frame is connected to the seat tube a little further down.

Women’s frames and comfort frames

If you want to get on the bike more easily than with a diamond or trapezoidal frame, for example, the best thing to do is to reach for the women’s frame or the comfort frame, both of which are characterised by the fact that the top tube has been left out and the lower frame is curved downwards.

A comfort frame, in contrast to the women’s frame, has a short reinforcing (lower) bar to make the frame a little more stable. They are particularly suitable for city bikes and are also used preferentially for these models. Getting on and off easily, without having to swing your leg over the bike, definitely has a little more comfort and elegance.

Folding frames

In addition to all these frame shapes, one more that shouldn’t be forgotten is little less ordinary. Recently, more and more electric city bikes that can be folded up have come onto the market. The space-saving pedelecs have a frame that can be foldedup quickly and easily when you need to carry your bike or stow it away.

Ladies’ e-bikes are therefore available in a wide variety of shapes and colours. While the standard shape is usually a bike designed for men, you don’t have to search for long to find the perfect e-bike for you. Due to the different frame sizes, the distinctions between the models can be fluid anyway. We wish our customers every success and a lot of pleasure in their selection. We are sure that you will also find what you are looking for at Greenstorm.eu.