Corratec: Lets find the best bike for you

The 'Passion of Cycling' has been at the heart of everything at Corratec in the town of Raubling near Rosenheim (Bavaria) since 1990, whether as a company itself, as a bike brand or as a racing team. Konrad and Cielo Irlbacher still hold the reins at Corratec. The original passion to create mountain bikes and racing bikes with very high standards of design, function and performance has not changed an inch to this day. Their designated goal is to develop 'the perfect bike' and they are getting nearer to their goal every day.

Incidentally, the company’s name comes from the Italian name Corrado, which could originate from the Old High German words for 'bold' and 'council'. In any case, it is the Italian equivalent of Konrad today.





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Bosch Active Line Plus 50Nm – Drive Unit 36V
Bosch Performance Line 65Nm - Drive Unit 36V
Bosch Performance Line CX 75Nm - Drive Unit 3


The secret behind Corratec quality

This vision is embodied in every one of Corratec's products: the perfect bike. Corratec bikes offer quality, design and very high durability both as a system and in all its components. The unbridled passion of the founders to develop outstanding sports equipment can still be felt in every product even after 27 years. And even in the electrified sector, Corratec has a very robust and high-quality range with various models of e-city bikes, , e-mountain bikes and e-trekking bikes.

Corratec has taken Signore Mauro Sannino - the legendary frame builder – on board for their geometrically ingenious frames. He designs the frames for Olympic champions and would certainly be one himself if frame building were an Olympic discipline.

Corratec relies on Bosch performance drive

The electric bicycles from Corratec draw their impressive power performance from a motor of the Bosch Performance Series. The power comes from the motor, the battery and the highly developed, ergonomic control system that is customary for Bosch Performance. The control system provides an adjustment of the electronic support to suit your own particular pedalling power as required.

The Bosch components used by Corratec are situated in the absolute high-performance range. With the Bosch Performance CX, for example, we are dealing with 250 watts and a torque of 75 Nm. The battery - such as the Bosch Power Tube – provides a full 500Wh before the battery needs to be charged again. This means you don’t have spells where you yourself have no energy left - the motor doesn't know what this means.

Shimano Components for a high-quality bike

Corratec e-bikes rely on the proven quality of Shimano for components such as gears, front derailleurs and cables. Especially the e-mountain bikes, where it can often be in harsh off-road conditions and where you really have to be able to count on gears and brakes, are enriched with high-quality components from the Japanese bicycle component manufacturer.

Hardtail to fully: Corratec e-mountain bikes

E-mountain bikes from Corratec have a long tradition. Especially the hardtails with their stiff rear wheel frame guarantee maximum traction without loss of power due to constant damping of the rear wheel. The geometry of the frames does not need to be discussed: materials, workmanship and construction are in a class of their own. 9-, 10- or 11-speed gears, powerful disc brakes, wide handlebars for plenty of control and large wheels with wide lugged tyres characterize such an off-road pedelec. The drive provides more range, power and extra riding fun. Perfect control is guaranteed by the ingenious performance control and full power development, which is again provided by the perfectly tuned engine.

More fun than cross-country and uphill riding is only possible with an e-fully racing downhill. The mid-mounted motor creates a low centre of gravity, giving even more fun and more possibilities on steep sections. Maximum power, more than enough range and suspension travel that you dream of.

Trekking and city bikes: comfort and speed are not mutually exclusive

The Corratec range of pedelecs for the city and for trekking is large. From the comfortable deep-entry bike with monotube frame for easy mounting and dismounting to the powerful e-trekking bike - you will find a lot of scope. The Bavarian bike manufacturer has the right model either for everyday life and short distances as well as for sporty bikers and the long distances they travel. Depending on the model, the battery is mounted on the frame or under the luggage carrier.

The favourite models: 2018 e-bikes

During the current season, Corratec E-bikes and even S-pedelecs are once again in high demand. Of course, the public's favourites and evergreens clearly emerge and we would like to introduce them here.

E-Power C29 and 28: the E-Cross and trekking bikes

The main difference between these two lines is the tyre size. As you can already tell from the designations, these are 29-inch and 28-inch tyres and rims. Otherwise, the respective models of both series are very varied and versatile.

S-pedelecs, for example, are one of those that stand out because, unlike conventional e-bikes, they do not only provide power up to 25 km/h with the motor, but up to 45 km/h. However, this means that the bike is subject to different legal regulations and must be registered and insured as a motorised vehicle.

Apart from that, the usual Corratec quality can be found here, especially with regard to the 'e' in the 'e-bikes'. 250Watt and 75Nm for the motor, 500Wh for the battery. In addition, durability and design are ensured by the wiring running inside the frame.

Corratec’s Life-bike line

The manufacturer's Life line is known as the SUV line in the electric bicycle sector: stable frame, large wheels, perfectly tuned and powerful disc brakes, robust luggage carrier, pleasing geometry for relaxed riding and a lot of extra power from a Bosch drive unit, whose battery is discreetly hidden under the luggage carrier.

The incomparable robustness of the frame should also be emphasized here, because the Life e-bike is equipped to carry a weight of up to 180 kg without any problems.

LifeS – smarter, sexier, more stylish

Urban lifestyle is reinvented here. It can always be more wacky and flashy, you might imagine they thought and then they just tried it out. The small-wheeled bicycle (outer diameter of the tyres: 20 inches) almost reminds one of the retro-wheelie bikes and you cruise through the city looking so cool and tough. The tyres may be small but they are almost as thick. 76 mm tyre width is reminiscent of racing bikes, which nothing can easily throw off track.

Speaking of throwing off track. The wide tyres that look so cool are not only there to look more attractive. Anyone who has ever found himself lying on the street because they got caught in the rut of the tram rails knows what we are talking about here. With the extra wide rubber tyres under the frame, you don't slip and get stuck so easily.

Mountain bike E-Power X Vert 650b and 29

Line names often contain some of the properties of their components when the designation is created. As with the E-Power C29 and 28 models, we are also dealing here with tyre sizes. Whereby 29 is then easy to understand, because 29 inches is a common size for bicycle tyres. But what about the 650b?

These are the ZZYZX Cross Attack 650B rims, which have a diameter of 27.5 inches. 650B is a usual name for exactly this tyre format. As far as the rest of the components are concerned, the two models once again have very similar features. The brakes for the one from Shimano, for the other from Magura, both have electronics from Bosch as well as the gearshift from Shimano: one version more powerful than the other.

E-Bow 45 Performance 500: only cuts out at 45 km/h

There is also an S-pedelec among the e-mountain bikes from Corratec. The incredible 350 watt motor of the E-Bow 45 Performance 500 works up to 45 km/h. You are therefore all the faster on the mountain and at the top of the trails you want to race down. The whole is powered by a 500Wh Bosch PowerTube battery, which is beautifully built into the frame. All in all, this E-MTB not only stands for unparalleled performance, but also for the sleek geometry of the frame.

An e-mountain bike with 26 inches?

Anyone looking for an E-MTB model with a 26-inch tyre diameter at Corratec (and probably other manufacturers as well) will be disappointed. The trend has gone towards 27.5 or 29-inch tyres. But you can still find models that have a 'traditional' design. The E-Power 26 models, for example, take their name from the 26-inch tyre diameter. If you want it to be small and manoeuvrable, you've come to the right place.