E-bike 4.88% financing – would you like to drive an e-bike for only 30.08 EUR a month?

With the 4.88% e-bike financing, you can get your e-bike at a low price tomorrow!

We see more and more e-bikes in the cities, on roads and dirt tracks, and even on single trails e-fully bikes are slowly becoming part of everyday life. With the help of 4.88% financing, the step to owning your own e-bike is even easier. E-bikes naturally have the ideal power:load ratio to achieve a relatively flexible riding experience with a surprisingly good distance range with their electric power (consisting of battery and motor). In the beginning, mainly people of advanced age were attracted by the idea of the switchable pedaling power. However, there is no target group which the e-bike industry does not provide an impressive product to. From the classic city bike for short shopping trips to the long-distance trekking bike or a stable full-suspension e-bike for demanding downhills with massive drops (jumps), everything is on offer. Who can resist being on the road silently, sustainably and with an incredibly far range?

The top used e-bikes from Greenstorm, such as our e-mountainbikes, e-citybikes, e-fatbikes or e-fullys offer a great extra: the best price. Our top e-bikes are used and then serviced to an as-new condition. So we give 2 years warranty on the battery, motor and frame. If you finance an e-bike at Greenstorm, the monthly payments will be correspondingly lower than for a new bike of the same model. You can save between 15% and up to 40%! Can you imagine that? You can ride an e-bike, which has been serviced so that is as-new, with hardly any signs of use, which has 2 years warranty on battery, motor and frame, all for up to 40% less. Yes, that’s right – it’s almost unbelievable. It is only possible thanks to the clever Greenstorm Used Programme, which provides e-bikes to companies, hotels and individuals for a few months. After they have been returned, these e-bikes are completely overhauled, maintained, serviced and worn parts are replaced if necessary. Only then are they sold at incredibly low prices in the Greenstorm e-bike shop or purchased via a clever 4.88% financing**.

The easy way of financing an e-bike

In the Greenstorm online shop, the 4.88% e-bike financing is a very common payment method, just like payment via an invoice, Paypal, or purchase with credit card. You can easily finance your cheap e-bike with just a few clicks, with really good conditions. In a few days, a completely overhauled pedelec, as e-bikes are often called, will be delivered to your door. In the past, conversations about financing and the like were quite tedious, drawn-out and complicated – but you can simply put a tick in the Greenstorm pedelec shop and nearly everything else will just take care of itself. We at Greenstorm are also very happy at being able to provide even more people with an e-bike at more than fair conditions.
And we, the Greenstorm team, promise that nothing is more fun than cruising through the countryside on an e-bike!

Can I finance any e-bike in the Greenstorm Online Shop?

The 4.88% financing applies to all our e-bikes and manufacturers. So, all products of the manufacturers Ghost, Fantic, Bergamont, Corratec, Haibike, and many more. Concerning models, we finance e-citybikes, e-mountainbikes, e-fatbikes, hardtail e-bikes, full-suspension e-bikes, and e-MTBs. Any of the bikes in the Greenstorm Shop can be financed. If you have questions that go beyond this information, just use our chat service, call us, or write an email to us, and we will do everything in our power to mobilize you in a "green" way!

The process of 4.88% financing

Simply add your favourite pedelec or e-bike to the shopping cart. Then go straight to the checkout. You will have to enter your personal data, select the payment method "4.88% financing" with your personal payment instalments amount, and complete your order. When your email is confirmed, we will forward your contact details to our financing partner and our financing partner will contact you to complete the 4.88% financing.

We have expanded the 4.88% financing model to include, in addition to a 12-month financing term, a 24-month term (our recommendation), a 36-month term and a 48-month term.

Prefer paying in small installments to the whole sum at once?

Simply finance your used e-bike!
From EUR 30.08*** per month you can cruise around with a high-quality e-bike from a TOP e-bike manufacturer.

Simply select the payment method "4.88% financing" when ordering.

Now get 4.88% financing with 12, 48, 36, or 48 monthly instalments!

12-month e-bike financing - 4.88% annual percentage rate!

24-month e-bike financing - 4.88% annual percentage rate!

36-month e-bike financing - 4.88% annual percentage rate!

48-month e-bike financing - 4.88% annual percentage rate!

For further questions please contact Natalie directly.She will be immediately available with advice and action:


Natalie Zimmermann Financing processing steam@greenstorm.eu

Greenstorm Mobility GmbH
Weidach 4, 6330 Kufstein - Austria
Phone: +43 (0)5372 66 888, Mobile +43 664 88529457

** Concrete financing offers and financing decisions are the responsibility of our partner bank. Greenstorm Mobility GmbH acts via Greenstorm Onlineshop only as a tip provider (free trade "naming of persons who are interested in banking transactions, of persons authorised to mediate and carry out banking transactions, without being permanently entrusted by the same client to the exclusion of any commercial asset consultant and any activity reserved for the mediation and carrying-out of banking transactions").

*** Duration 48 months, plus shipping costs. Valid for the Ghost Teru 2 SE, with higher bike prices or shorter terms (number of installments of 36, 24, 12 months) the installment price increases.