Become our Greenstorm e-bike Ambassador in your region!

Are you keen on e-bikes and quality of life they give you, and would like to share your passion with others?


ATTENTION! At the moment all contingents are used up!  


Sounds like you could be the perfect Greenstorm e-bike ambassador!

You would get from us:

  • Our newest e-bike model for free, for as long as you like
  • Every year it would be exchanged for the next brand-new e-bike
  • Free delivery of the new e-bike

In return, we would get from you:

  • Your enthusiasm for e-biking, which you would share with your acquaintances, relatives and friends.
  • A monthly post about your last bike tour on a well-known social media platform, ideally with the hashtags #greenstorm #ebike #usedbikes.
    We would also be very happy if you shared contributions from us on Facebook with your friends.
  • Alternatively, if you are not networked into social media platforms, a purchase recommendation would also be sufficient for us.
    (In this case, a buyer of one of our used e-bikes, would simply state your ambassador number when buying their e-bike.)

We want to give you the opportunity to cycle the latest e-bikes and we would like to reach new enthusiastic e-bike cyclist through you. The only catch being, you would have to get used to a brand new e-bike every year.
If you complete your tasks, you will receive your free e-bike the following spring, exchanged for the latest model from us. But don't worry, even if you don't fulfil the requirements, you will still be able ride our e-bike for free for one season.
In this case, however, we would not extend the agreement any further.

And this is how you can become an ambassador and get your e-bike:

>> klick here <<

Do you have any more questions?

Monday - Friday from 8am-12noon and 1pm-5pm
Phone: +43 5372 66 888-871

E-bike Ambassador Lounge
Zellerberg 2
A-6330 Kufstein